About Us

About Us

Working Together to Develop the Next Generation of Engineers.

Gradify helps Engineering students craft a career path that supports and motivates them to follow their dreams. We help our students embark on a journey of finding their dream job through an advisory approach that includes "get to know you sessions", "community meet and greets", and "introductions to great companies". Our mentoring services provide a personal touch that assure our students stay focused.

To motivate our future engineers, and to help them put a work- plan in place. We want to ensure that our students enjoy and relish their university experiences, without having to worry about what comes next. We will help them secure an internship or a co-op placement, to gain practical experience and to have an opportunity to work within a corporate environment. We want our students to have a head start where they can secure full time employment within their intern/co-op environment, or with other great companies. Students have more confidence in themselves when they feel supported and have direction - We feel that Gradify’s mentorship program will provide this. Developing talent locally and working with industry leaders, we aim to cultivate the future of Canada; the future where Canadian talent will be the ones to push forward in supporting our infrastructure, economy, healthcare, our resources and so much more in the vast field of engineering.


The idea of Gradify came from the uncertainty that we feel when we wonder what is next. As college was coming to an end, Tony and his friends started to wonder about their post graduate days. How were they going to pay their student loans? Who was going to help them meet industry leaders? Which companies would hire them without any experience? Who’s is going to help them make decisions? Gradify helps you clear these questions with ease. We have the answers.

Our Leadership

Meet Gradify's best mentors.

Having both strong backgrounds in Recruiting, Tony and Ramon know and recognize that finding and retaining talent is critical to an organization’s success. They also recognize that developing Canada’s future talent is a solution that will benefit many companies, individuals, and Canada. They both look at the importance of engineering and its impact on Canada, on its future sustainability and growth.

Tony Mauro

Mentor / Strategic Advisor
Tony’s passion and resiliency stem from his days playing and coaching team sports.