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Find out more about what services we offer and how Gradify can help you reach your goals, whether you are looking to hire - or get hired.

Coaching & Mentoring

We mentor individuals on how they can apply their own unique talents and strengths within their field of engineering. We help you develop the skills you need to succeed.


We provide and advise you with an amazing array of networking opportunities and counsel you on how to maintain and utilize your network as an asset

Job Search Strategies

Using a multitude of resources and networks, we provide you with the perfect opportunities and avenues that will help set you up with your dream career.

Recruitment and Headhunting

Let us relieve you of the burden of having to find that one perfect person. Along with our phenomenal list of candidates to pick from - we take care of the recruitment process.

Placement and Internship

We forge connections with engineering faculties and program directors at various campuses to cultivate internship programs and co-op placements.

Program Creation and Management

We develop and establish the blueprints for different programs and placements by analyzing and understanding what works best for your organization.

Mentorship & Career Development

Our Team wants to help you prepare for life once that you graduate. We want you to enjoy your university days without stressing of what will come next. In the meantime, we will provide you with industry knowledge, opportunities to network, consultative advice, and career opportunities with great companies!

Hire Talent

Our team is going to introduce you to the next generation of Engineers. These engineering students are anxious to meet you. They are eager to contribute to your success. They want to put they skillset to practice and provide you with the ability to innovate. These students are eager to come part of your organization, to establish a career and to contribute to your company’s success.

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Gradify is a platform through which students or aspiring engineering professionals can get connected with top tier organizations looking to hire phenomenal candidates.

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